Wrocław, Poland

ITCorner is a Polish nation-wide cluster of tech companies, working to strengthen the ICT innovation ecosystem in Poland. Currently, more than 100 companies from all over the country form part of the organisation. The cluster was established in 2012 in the capital of Lower Silesia – Wroclaw, where it has its headquarters. The organisation is also active in Poznan, Krakow, and other Polish cities. ITCorner cluster is currently focusing on active networking with European organisations supporting technology companies such as Turku Science Park Ltd (a part of the Turku Business Region) and SIBB, Digital business association Berlin – Brandenburg. Since 2020 we co-organize European ICT Alliance.


InvestGDA (Gdańsk Economic Development Agency Ltd) is a team dedicated to shape the economic landscape of Gdańsk.

We aim at introducing new investments to our region, support international cooperation and boost entrepreneurship and innovativeness in the city. Our goal is to create convenient conditions to live, develop an run business in Gdańsk.
Unchanged: European ICT Alliance is an opportunity to expand international ICT cooperation for local entrepreneurs and support the progress of technological solutions. Unchanged: European ICT Alliance is an opportunity to expand international ICT cooperation for local entrepreneurs and support the progress of technological solutions.

Gdańsk, Poland

Interizon is one of polish National Key Clusters. Cluster currently associates 90 entities, representing 13 business sectors, which employ in total over 20 thousand people. Among Cluster members there are companies operating in the Electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Automation and Robotics sectors, as well as research and development institutions, education units, and business environment institutions. The companies within Interizon Cluster provide a wide offer of products and services including, among others, electronic finished goods and components, creation and implementation of advanced IT solutions and provision of IT and telecommunication services. Interizon is one of the founders of Pomerania Digital Innovation HUB (polish candidate for European Digital Innovation Hub). From 2015 Interizon is the coordinator of Pomorskie Smart Specialisation called „Interactive Technologies in an information saturated environment”.

Turku, Finland

TechTurku has roughly 600 registered ICT companies in the South-West part of Finland This part of Finland is strong in the Maritime (ship building, logistics), Clean (sustainability, reuse, bio, chem processes), Health (medicine, data) and Experience (games, movies, travel) and among many others, our region’s strong automotive, mining vehicle and battery industries stand out.
Our universities host around 50 000 students which is a great source for your future talent needs. Our Kupittaa business area is located near the airport, universities and the city centre.

Turku Science Park Ltd

Turku Science Park Ltd. is a non-profit development company for the entire Turku subregion that works in close cooperation with local, national and international actors in the fields of business and economic development.
Our mission is to produce and facilitate the best possible services to support the founding of companies as well as their growth, development and internationalisation. We work hard every day to make our region the best place to do business, so that new talents, investments and companies can easily find their way here.

The European ICT Alliance is an important link to several other networks like the manufacturing industry as well as our other business areas. Strong ICT parties is the base for succesful businesses’